5 Unique Ways Essential Oils Can Benefit Your Health

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Essential oils can benefit your health, having the power to heal a variety of ailments both physical and mental. I love to use essential oils whenever I’m under the weather, feeling down, or just need a burst of energy to get me through the day. Here are five great ways that essential oils can benefit your health and help you achieve a more natural and simple lifestyle!

1. Put a Halt to Nausea

Whether you come down with a stomach bug, have motion sickness, or are nervous about a big presentation, with the right essential oils fighting nausea is a breeze. Whenever I come down with an upset stomach, my favorite essential oils to use are mint, ginger, and chamomile. These oils have natural nausea reducing properties. Since our senses of taste and smell are so directly linked, all it takes is a few minutes of breathing in these oils through a mist or diffuser to relieve your symptoms.

2. Use Essential Oils to Stay Sharp

As we age, it can be harder to remember little things like where we put our wallet or parked our car. I always try to do everything I can to stay sharp and improve my memory to combat common signs of aging. Sage, cinnamon, coconut, and peppermint are great essential oils that have been known to improve brain function, attention span, and memory.

3. Give Yourself an Energy Boost

Sometimes coffee just isn’t enough to get through a particularly long day. Whether you’re chasing kids around or stuck at the office, we could all use a natural energy boost from time to time. My all-time favorite energy-boosting essential oils are cardamom, cinnamon, jasmine, tea tree and citrus. I love experimenting with blending these oils together to create new and exciting combinations in my diffuser. When that late afternoon drowsiness comes around, you can bet I always have my energy boosting essential oils on hand.

4. Essential Oils Can Benefit Your Health with Relaxation

On the weekends and especially before bed, I find myself having trouble winding down and relaxing. I like to run myself a warm bath and add a few drops of lavender, bergamot, and lemon together. The smells of these three combined are heavenly and always relax me right away. You can try using these stress-reducing oils by themselves or blended together in a bath, diffuser, or however, you prefer to use your oils.

5. Reducing Anxious Feelings With the Right Blends

Essential oils have been shown to reduce symptoms of feelings of self-doubt and anxiousness. Using the right blend of oils when you’re feeling the need to calm tension or down can give you just the mood boost you need. Lavender, sandalwood, and bergamot are great essential oils for reducing symptoms of anxiousness and feelings of self-doubt when you need it the most.

These are only a few ways essential oils can benefit your health. What are some of your favorite health benefits you get from using essential oils? Share in the comments below!



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