Foods that help or hurt when transitioning into menopause

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So I’ve been sharing about how I’m transitioning through peri-menopause in my other blog posts (post 1 and post 2). One of the things that I’ve come to realize is that there are certain foods that trigger different reaction.

For instance, whenever I eat anything that’s sugary, especially right before bed, I have major hot flashes through the night. I didn’t realize that sugar was a trigger until I read in during my research about menopause.

My research about foods…

So during my research, I found some really great tips that I want to share with you. According to, there are 6 Foods to Avoid During Menopause and below are a couple of them.

  1. Spicy foods. Foods that rate high on the heat scale can actually trigger hot flashes, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  2. Fast foods. Drive-through restaurants may be convenient when you’re short on time, but their meals often serve up a massive amount of fat. Fatty foods can increase your risk for heart disease, a condition that women are already at greater risk for when they reach menopausal age, according to the American Heart Association.

Since I started with the bad foods, I felt that it would be a good idea to also share with you the good foods too. According to in their article, Menopause and Good Nutrition, some of the foods that are good for you are:

  1. Get enough calcium. Eat and drink two to four servings of dairy products and calcium-rich foods a day.
  2. Pump up your iron. Eat at least three servings of iron-rich foods a day. Iron is found in lean red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, and enriched grain products.
  3. Get enough fiber. Help yourself to foods high in fiber, such as whole-grain breads, cereals, pasta, rice, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables. Have at least 1 1/2 cups of fruit and 2 cups of vegetables each day.

OK, I know that’s a lot for a short partial list, however, I’ve found that as I slowly integrate these things into my eating habits that I do actually feel better.

There isn’t a perfect science to figuring out what works for everyone. This is something that you need to test out and see what works for you. I would love to see how these suggestions work for you. Please feel free to leave a comment and share about your own experiences with food during your menopause transition.

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