My Amazing New Beauty Routine Breakthrough

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Lately, my beauty routine has been boring and bland. I’ve been trying to find new ways to improve my skin and health. When I discovered dōTERRA Helichrysum Oil I knew I hit the jackpot in beauty and skin care products. This essential oil changed my beauty routine for the better and it can change yours too!

What is Helichrysum Oil?

Known as one of the best essential oils for skin, Helichrysum oil holds rejuvenating benefits that can help to promote a healthy-looking complexion. With chemical components that can help improve the appearance of skin, Helichrysum oil is a smart addition to any skin care beauty routine. One of the greatest benefits of Helichrysum oil is that it provides a safe, natural way to improve your skin. So many commercial cleansers and moisturizers on the market contain harmful toxins, but using a pure essential oil like Helichrysum to improve the skin allows you to keep your skin clean and protected.

What is it Good For?

Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

Helichrysum oil is a godsend for wrinkles and crow's feet. When applied to the skin it combats acne and promotes a glowing, beautiful complexion. It works to hydrate the skin and smooth out any imperfections, leaving you with younger looking and brighter skin! Just remember that Helichrysum oil by itself can be potent, especially if you have sensitive skin. I always dilute it with coconut oil before I apply it to my face. My complexion has never looked better!

Calming Irritated Skin

Sometimes you’re skin just gets irritated. Whether it’s from the sun or just a bad breakout, dōTERRA Helichrysum Oil is a lifesaver. You should never skimp on the sunblock, but sometimes life and a little too much fun get in the way and you forget! I never have to worry about irritation, burns or spots from the sun with I apply the Helichrysum Oil to my skin after a long day outside. Whenever I plan to spend a day at the pool or beach, I always make sure to bring this oil with me just in case.

Beauty Routine for Smooth Skin

Everyone knows how much of a hassle shaving can be, and how it leaves those little razor bumps all over your skin. Well, I’ve said bye to razor burn and bumps thanks to my favorite Razor Relief Serum made with dōTERRA Helichrysum Oil. It leaves my legs and skin feeling fresh and clean every time I shave. Combining Helichrysum Oil with other essential oils that are beneficial to the skin like Frankincense, Lavender, Melaleuca and Myrrh will sooth razor bumps and skin irritations that occur after you shave. Here’s a great DIY recipe for dōTERRA Essential Oil Razor Relief Serum so you can try it yourself!

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