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Using essential oils during or after a workout can benefit athletes. Incorporating these during and after your daily exercises can give a boost to your regular routine. Mixing oils into your workouts can help with staying fit as part of a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils are the natural route to taking care of your body. Essential oils can help with rest, recovery, and immune support. doTERRA has partnered with athletic facilities to provide trainers and athletes with coaching on the benefits of oils. Here are a few of the recommendations from trainers, along with a few bonus tips.

5 Tips for Incorporating Essential Oils for Athletes

1. Immune Support

When you are in the middle of intense training, you don’t want to have to skip out on sessions. Missing workouts because you didn’t feel up to it that morning can take a toll. Taking doTERRA On Guard® internally can help boost your immune system and keep you on the go.* If and when you’re considering workouts indoors, it’s also an excellent idea to diffuse doTERRA On Guard in the room to keep environmental threats at bay. The additional bonus is the energizing scent of the blend, can help you mentally focus and energize.

2. Boost Performance

Peppermint oil is shown to provide a boost when feeling low on energy and fatigued. Try applying it to the back of the neck or the chest when you need an extra dose of motivation to get through your training regimen. doTERRA Breathe®, when applied to your skin or diffused, is also an excellent option for feelings of open airways and minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. You can use the oil blend itself, or it also available in the doTERRA Breathe® Vapor Stick.

3. Get Plenty Of  Rest

As an athlete, you probably realize the importance of rest. When you don’t get the rest that you need at night, it can be hard for your body to keep up. While there are various sleep-aids on the market, natural products are always the best for your body. For this reason, relaxing oils such as Lavender or doTERRA Serenity® are the perfect solution. Diffusing Lavender at night at least 30 minutes before bed creates the soothing environment your mind and body need to slip into sleep. Taking Lavender internally has also been shown to help with peaceful sleep.*

4. Soothe Muscles and Joints

The Deep Blue® blend is your best option to apply both before and after a training session. The mixture comes in a few different options, including Deep Blue® Rub (see which option could be best for you here). The Rub is typically the most popular choice for athletes because of the ease of application, and the long-lasting warm and cooling sensation it brings.

5. Cleaning Up

We all know that the stench from athletic equipment and clothing can be almost undefeatable at times. doTERRA On Guard is an excellent option for cleaning. Just add to a spray bottle with water. Or, use the doTERRA On Guard Laundry Detergent in the wash. If you have occasional skin irritations, apply Tea Tree (Melaleuca) to help keep the skin clean and bright. Tea Tree can also be added to your doTERRA On Guard spray to help fight environmental threats.

Amazing Additional Products

If you want to try any of the essential oils for athletes we talked about, the doTERRA Athlete’s Kit puts most of these recommendations into a kit that is easy to slip into your gym bag. These are perfect for sharing with your workout partner or favorite athlete!

doTERRA offers supplements that can also be useful for any athlete. If you're looking to boost your energy naturally, Mito2Max®might be the right option for you. It works with the mitochondria in your cells to help with the efficient production of ATP. Or, if you want to support your joints and bones on a deeper level, Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex® is an excellent supplement to add to your routine.*

Add Essential Oils Into Your Daily Routine

Adding essential oils to your daily routine is easier than you think. Add oils to your shampoo, recipes, or diffused into the air to help with calming feelings during the day. From sun up to sun down, there is an essential oil that can help you! If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, contact me! I am more than happy to help you!

Share with me what your favorite after workout blend is!

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