Using essential oils for DIY projects: Calming Mist

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If you’re looking for an easy and all-natural solution to freshen up our home or office, try using essential oils for DIY projects like an air freshener. This recipe below could be the answer to your search. Traditional air fresheners and sprays are often made with toxic chemicals and artificial scents that can do more harm than good. With this easy-to-follow recipe, your home or office will be smelling great in no time!

Essential oils for DIY projects ingredients

All you’ll need for this recipe is three simple ingredients that you might already have laying around the house!

1 tbsp vodka

6 tbsp filtered water

10 to 40 drops of high-quality essential oils

1 small spray bottle

Essential oils for DIY projects instructions

Combine the vodka with the drops of the essential oil of your choice into the spray bottle (read below what oils are good for different moods). Depending on how strong or subtle you want your spray to be you can put anywhere between 10 and 40 drops of essential oil into your spray. This may take some experimenting and practicing until you find the perfect amount of scent for your personal preference.

Shake the vodka and oil combination vigorously. Add the filtered water and shake again until it’s all combined. And there you have it, your very own all-natural air freshener and room spray! This spray can be used to cover up stinky odors in the bathroom, kitchen or garage. It can even be used as a linen spray to give your sheets that luxurious hotel smell.

Different Sprays for Different Moods

Relaxation – Bedroom

For a good night’s sleep, try mixing lavender and vanilla essential oils. The lavender will calm and relax your mind so you can drift off into slumberland easily and peacefully. This scent is good to spray on your pillows and sheets at night to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Focus – Office

When you need to a get a lot of work done and really concentrate, a blend of peppermint and rosemary will do just as good as a cup of coffee. These scents keep you alert and focused on the work in front of you for a productive day.

Energize – Kitchen

A mix of grapefruit and lemon can really freshen up your kitchen. These scents work well in the kitchen to cover up the smell of trash, and to give you energy when you’re sweating over the stove. To make your kitchen a more inviting place, try spraying it with this energizing blend.

Deodorize – Bathroom

Nobody likes a smelly bathroom. To keep your bathroom smelling fresh, try making a spray of cinnamon, tea tree, and clove. These oils have a natural antibacterial factor that will kill any bad smells and leave your bathroom smelling amazing.

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